Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beadhive Divas Challenge using wire

Sam's beautiful creation

Leanne's amazing work


Lindy's inspirational piece

Cushla's cheerful piece

Tarn's mixture of work

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working with wire

Just to show how talented we are at Beadhive Divas-
Here is Lindys creation. Very stunning :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

TA DAHHHHH !!!!!!!

Our recent challenge - "Little Black Dress"

Everyone was sent approx 40 small pearl oats (rice shaped seed beads). They had to make a necklace, bracelet or brooch using as many of the pearls as possible plus they could add beads or findings from their own stash as well.

Such clever ladies - all of them - who could have thought there were so many ways to incorporate 40 tiny pearls into a creation to wear with your LBD :)

Here they are in the order they were received.

From Tania - "Moonlight" Using Pearls, Jet Swarovski Crystals and a basic netting stitch, I created a piece suitable for evening wear, prom or a bridesmaid. I love the way it flows and drapes so softly.

From Lisa W " Little Silver Necklace" I used these beads as that is what I had in my stash! And you would wear this necklace because it would go with the dress! What other reason would there be!

And yes, that is me in the picture! It may have been a few years ago now! lol Incidentally, that is what I was wearing when I met my now husband!

From Sam "Experimental"

From Lisa B "Centre of Attention" (Lisa’s internet had a hissy and wouldn’t send her other files)

From Catherine “Black and White Rag” I peer into the mirror at my made up face. Is it good enough for a night out? Yes, it will do, now for the hair. Remove rollers and then brush it to the smooth fashionable ”Doris Day” look. Perfect – well almost. Now for the dress! My little black dress. Scooped neckline, tight over the bust and down to the waist, then flared out in a full skirt with numerous petticoats to hold it out! Flowers made from the same fabric arch down from the left waist, to the opposite side at the hem. My all time favourite dress. Now the heels. Inches high on thin, thin heels, making me look taller and slimmer. Another check in the mirror and I’m pleased with what I see. However, there’s something missing! I need a little something extra. I open my jewellery box and select a pair of black and white dangly earrings. Good but more is needed and I take out a black and white necklace, long strands of black and white attach to a flower with a tassel of white beads hanging beside them. Perfect – my black and white rag necklace. I take another look in the mirror and am pleased with the finished look. Off I go to the concert with Winifred Atwell playing the piano and I know for sure she will play “The Black and White Rag” which is so popular and I love it! Afterwards, we’ll go to the dance at the Spotlight where I’m sure my black and white rag will be admired as much as my little black dress!

From Marie “Elliptical Elegance” This design should be worn with a low cut little black dress, with hair up and studded with the pearl beads matching the necklace.

The necklace itself is made with black seed beads and black round beads to offset the beauty of the pearl beads. The large faceted black bead at the bottom represents the fun and good times of a disco ball.

From Jen "Tribute to June" The reason for making this is, the bead challenge was organized by June. The beads were donated by June. The item was made in the month of June, and hidden amongst the copper wire is a 'nugget' also from June. As to the occasion.........Alas, I'm unable to attend any occasion in this particular "Little Black Dress", as the darn thing has 'shrunk'! So Posh Gertie will take my place, as she is a size nothing (the cow!) and I hope she has a jolly good time at all the special occasions wearing not only MY dress but also the brooch, as it looks beautiful against the black background. (I can still fit into the hat though!).

From Amanda “"Starry Night" I've called it "Starry Night" for two reasons -

1. It reminds me of the "Starry Night" painting by Vincent Van Gogh

2. I think this is really only fit to be worn on the red carpet, with said LBD, glistening and sparkling in front of the paparazzi ;)

From Penny “Isabel” It was a balmy summers evening. There were tables and chairs set out in the garden. Guests were arriving in twos and threes. Music was playing quietly. Isabel was worried about her little black dress, was it too short or not formal enough. She hadn't been to a cocktail party before unless she counted the student 'cocktail parties' which were at the opposite end of the spectrum to tonights event.

She was handed a glass, the drink was a golden colour. It tasted a little like oranges but richer. Isabel started to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, her nerves were disappearing.

From Paula "Grace Kelly" I have an image in my head of the lovely late Princess Grace grandly stepping out onto the ballroom floor. She has chosen to wear her 'little black dress' for this occasion with a pearl and crystal choker. During the night she has decided to switch it for a bracelet - aha!!! She has taken the toggle extension off and voila!! A pearl and crystal bracelet!

From Robyn " Elegantly Simple". I think it would be worn by a young person attending a formal dinner.

From Emma – “Anemone” (as in sea anemone). I wanted it to be simple and elegant and have a little bit of a vintage feel as it is to be worn with this gorgeous vintage 1950's cocktail dress. I will of course be attending a cocktail party in said cocktail dress, complete with black satin gloves and beautiful kitten heeled slingback shoes. I will have my hair up in a french pleat (think Hepburn) and a similar anemone will be in that. I will of course be 15 years younger and 2 dress sizes smaller, hahaha!

From Leeanne -

From Lindy – On a cold dark night I needed something to wear to the Premiere of a film. The dress code, Little Black Dress. I needed a necklace to go with it and I wanted something that reminded me of sunshine. The dangling pearls on wire are supposed to be the suns rays, warming me up in deep freeze of winter. I felt the necklace should be taken with a bottle of red wine which usually accompanies night's out in winter.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Morning Divas

Just added a link to my blog - can't promise how often I add to it, fraid I don't have a very good track record so far lol.

But the intention is there, perhaps now I've actually gone public with it I will do better :-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Autumn Bead Swap

Hi Diva's :)

Penny (who has already posted her pic - above), Lisa (jstask), Lindy and Annette all participated in the Autumn Bead Swap...and without further ado, here are their wonderful pieces!

Well done ladies - gorgeous!
(Sorry the pics aren't in order - Blogger is playing up on me!).
Amanda :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here is my beadswap necklace with lovely oval carnelian and agate beads that lindy marie sent me. I added two small carnelian beads that I had into the necklace and made a pair of earrings wth the two remaining carnelian oval beads that lindy sent me. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of those so will do that tomorrow since its dark now!

Heres a pic of the whole necklace. It is right angle weave with bigger beads added to one side to make the curves.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

June's (wisconsin) contributions

#3 - Good practice for my lack of wire wrapping skills lol