Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looks like I'm the first to blog with SS pics.......

S'ok it's not a problem, here goes........

And a rather posed pic of me wearing it.
Heheh I was rather chuffed that it went quite well with my new top bought last month! I kid you not. So there you go ladies..........NEXT!? Jen. X

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the night before Christmas........

and peace reigns within. Not a bead or a button is in sight of these wimmin. So lay your heads gently on the pillow tonight, for morning will bring such a wonder of delight.
Merry Christmas Divas. XXX

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My sisters xmas present

A herringbone and caged bead necklace. I used twisted tubular herringbone with delica steel grey beads and czech silerlined blue and grey beads. Then caged the lampwork beads with miyuki cubes and silver hex beads. The pictures aren't too flash sorry.

Don't worry she wont look on here...

Also I wanted to post a link to the most amazing blog I found today, it's beadweaving and written in hungarian but the pictures speak for themselves.



I just got photos of my first finished spiral experiment I took a bit of inspiration from The Beading Banshee. It is a variation on dutch spiral, I started following her patttern but soon took off in my own direction.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Tease - the rest of the Parts :)

In my efforts of the last few weeks, other than fixing my puter :(

I have been working on my "The Tease" and have got it all finished (woo hoo) but "forever rushing into things me" forgot to stop! and take all the separate pics along the way so here's the ones I did manage to get and The Final finished product. I will however on my blog ( beadweaver) over the next few weeks I will put up the details of each part in more detail for you :).

The Second Part is The Petersburg Chain:

The Second Picture is the two chains side by side, hmmmm your thinking well now it get interesting, heres the third part ( close up)

That is the two sewn together, ok now lets flip over and see what else I did :).

.....And now Just to put you out of your misery or confusion? here's the finished Product, just remember I will be adding all the details on my blog for you if your interested ;)

ps. sorry about the lousy pics :). Leeanne.