Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, here it is......FINALLY!! And a pic of me wearing it, brace yourselves!!! Actually, you can relax, it's just my arm....
Thank you so much again to my SS, as you can see, they are both gorgeous!! I have worn the bracelet heaps already, it matches my TM shirt perfectly!! lol The pin, though, will have to wait for much cooler weather! I sweltered just for you lot to take this pic! So I hope you appreciate it! lol
Lisa :o) (davlis)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hi Divas

I have a picture of the lovely bracelet that was sent to me for SS.

The picture is a bit blurry unfortunately. It is lovely to wear.

I have also been busy making cool things heres some pictures.

Another blurry photo sorry, I took photo in a hurry on a nasty cloudy day before Xmas as I had to deliver it to my friend for her present. It was orignally a bracelet pattern in B& B mag, my friend saw it and said it would be lovely as a choker so I took the hint!

This is a section of a bracelet that I made for a YOJ competion on Beading Forum - Powered by vBulletin . It is a neat forum - Australian, full of heaps of advice and great pictures.

I also have made myself a little blog - not sure how to put it on here?

I am on Felt and working on an Artfire shop. So super busy.

Really looking foreward to the angel beadswap too.

Penny (aka Jodlbauer on TM)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

SS # 2 Leeanne's Piece. "PINK ICE"

OMG!!! no make up!, grey hair showing!, new glasses, first thing in the morning look!, still in my pj's!!! but did have my first cup of java lol...
I was the one whom got this Secret Santa Swap started, so only befitting that I put up my picture as well.
You lovely ladies sent me a wee surprize package of swaroski beads in colors of crystal ab, pinks and mauves and thought that I would partake and make up something using them, "PINK ICE".
I have to say thanks to you all for this lovely gift of friendship and is recieved with love and gratitude from the heart.
I used a part of design by 'Lisa Khan' in the latest beadwork magazine and then put my lil twist on it ;). She used pearls, I used the swaroski beads in a graduated form with tiny sz 15 silver and light mauve seed beads. This piece took about 20 hours to make up, hence my beady eyes he he.
I also got a pretty wee bracelet as well from a SS but I have forgotten to take a pic, sorry.
I hope all you lovely Diva's enjoyed partaking in this swap, I have and thank you all. Leeanne.