Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jens YOJ (Curves)

Earrings for a change! Haven't made many of late so it's a nice change. These are Curvy Tigers, being that the beads are Tiger Eye chips.

A few of the things that have been keeping me busy...

I haven't been doing all that much lately, but here are a couple of pieces that I made up....

This is 'Arwen Undomiel' as it's something I think an Elf would wear, and it was inspired by the colours of a beautiful blue and silver dress worn by Live Tyler in LOTR. Sterling silver and kyanite. This also has curlicue links further around the the necklace

Next is a Peruvian pink opal in sterling silver I made for a wedding I went to. The colours were a perfect match for the outfit. Don't you just LOVE that!? :)

Lastly a fun piece featuring a lampwork glass seahorse. I didn't have to do much but string the beads, a relaxing change from the wire wrapping. This photo doesn't quite capture it, but it gives the overall idea.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ear Candy I Created

Hope the picture turns out okay this time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi all

This is the first time for me on here to actually post, so I thought it was about time!! Oooohhhh, my first Blog!
Amanda, I don't know how you do it chicky! That must have taken hours and hours - gorgeous!!
And Penny, those are totally cool!
I made this a little while ago, but couldn't figure out how to make the three threads, (which are tigertail) wind artfully around each other and stay there!!! So I left it as is, lol.
Lisa (Davlis) Just so you know which one!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi all I have been lurking and looking at the posts every once and a while and there is some beautiful skilled work going on. Inspiring.
I thought I would post some pictures of what I have been doing lately. Can anyone tell I got a new book! LOL. The first two are from the book Zulu Inspired Beadweaving Techniques, by Dianne Fitzgerald. The last picture is my own design using tubular polygon stitch.

This one is a square chain though the picture is a little out of focus.

This is a triangle chain. I have also discovered the button clasp cool as it is part of the piece and sewn on at the beginning and end.

This was an experiment with a polygon chain and a red and gold focus bead. I like how it turned out. Especially working in red not a colour I normally have any inclination to use. Funny really I find it hard to use colours that don't suit me.

Hope you enjoyed looking.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet "Curvaceous" :)

Hey diva's :)

I just finished my YOJ project - "Curvaceous". I used, as a base, a lovely flat round Ruby Crazy Lace Agate bead and worked around that :)

I must say, I had real fun with this challenge, and it's certainly brought some of my old mojo back, so I think I'll continue to explore this "curvy" thing for a wee bit longer :)

Hope everyone else is enjoying it too!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

This is a bracelet that has been made for my son's girlfriend, who are celebrating their first 6 months together awww.....

He was rather insistent on the color of beads to be used ! purples, pinks & blacks and even picked all the metal beads and the clasp as well. It has amongst the beads 6 tiny silver color hearts, one for each month awww...

I think I have raised a romantic :)

I had to make the jump rings, I made them from 20g artistic wire in 6mm rounds, he he I had to use one my lonely knitting needles, and used two together all along the length of the chain.
I quite like the effect but wondered whether I should have three?
Any way the overall finished bracelet is pleasing, I am not one for making this type of bracelet, only because I forgot how sore your finger tips get and my nails are alot shorter lol.
Enjoy Leeanne

Thursday, October 8, 2009

YOJ for October - "Curves"

Hi Diva's :)

I just did the draw for this month's YOJ theme, and it's "Curves" go forth and create! Personally, I have no ideas yet...eek!

I've been busy with other stuff of late, but I did manage to make these gifts recently, for friends and family...

This is a bracelet I made for my friend Lisa, who's a huge "Supernatural" fan. It uses brass charms that have links to the TV programme "Supernatural":

This necklace was made for Lisa's teenage daughter, who's going through abit of a rough time at the moment (to cheer her up):

And this necklace was made for my cousin, who has very simple and contemporary taste. I used an oval wooden flat bead with hammered wire accents:

Hope everyone's keeping well and managing at least a wee bit of beading'll soon be summer (bring it on, I say!), and hopefully my mojo will have returned :)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have all the beadies gone.....?

long time passing. I like that song. It's been a bit cold on it just lately, typical spring time weather. Got a couple of orders which is rather lovely. And the pic above is another beaded button I've recently finished. And why is it that the pic doesn't come out when I'm posting, it's just all gobbledy gook, so I can't move the s*****g thing around like I can on my blog page. Weird!
Oh well if anyone is viewing any time soon........